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Why my podcast failed

March 06, 2023 Trudie Avery Season 2 Episode 8
The Brand New Business Podcast
Why my podcast failed
Show Notes

This is the story of how Trudie Avery's podcast failed.

Really? Am I really going to put this out there?
Of course I am.

It's not been an easy podcast to create but in the spirit of learning and sharing, I thought it was important to share this, so people can learn from my mistakes.

It’s really hard to say enough is enough sometimes.

When you feel so passionate about something, it’s not easy to be logical. But in Business, you have to be rational, you have to be analytical, to look at the facts and sometimes admit that something isn’t working.

In this (my last) episode of The Brand New Business Podcast, I'm giving you the low down on why I started the podcast (not JUST because everyone else is doing it...), how I went about it, what I learnt along the way, how I learnt it, who I learnt if from and then essentially what went wrong.

Why it failed.
I'll let you decide how much of a failure it was.

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